Chapter 9 Sense Organs

Scope of syllabus: The external view of the eye with a brief idea of stereoscopic vision, perception of sound in human ear.

1) Introduction

2) The EYES-sense organs of sight (photoreceptors):

  • a) Protection of eyes
  • b) Structure of eyeball:
          1. Tunica fibrous (fibrous coat)
          2. Uvea (vascular coat)
          3. Retina (sensory coat)
  • c) Optic system and working of human eye (eye compared with photographic camera-similarities and differences)
  • d) Power of accommodation
  • e) Light and dark adaptations
  • f) Stereoscopic (binocular) vision
  • g) Persistence of vision-The basis of motion pictures
  • h) Common abnormalities or defects of the eyes

3) The EARS-The sense organs of hearing-cum-equilibrium (phonoreceptors-cum-statoreceptors):

  • a) Structure-External Ear
  • b) Middle ear
  • c) Internal ear:
          1. Semicircular ducts
          2. Vestibule
          3. Cochlear Duct
  • d) Functions

4) Organs of taste or gustatoreceptors

5) Sense organs of smell or olfactory organs

6) Sense organs of touch

7) Experiments

8) Key Points to remember: (Summary)

9) Key terms

10) BTT(Beyond the text): Extra Info.

11) Assignments:

  • 1) Objective type(1 mark each)
  • 2) Answer in one or two sentences (1 mark each)
  • 3) Give reasons (2 marks each)
  • 4) Short notes (2/3 marks each)
  • 5) Answer in detail (4/5 marks each)
  • 6) Board questions
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