Chapter 8 The Nervous System

Scope of syllabus: Various parts of the external structure of the brain and its parts (Medulla oblongata, cerebrum, cerebellum, thalamus, hypothalamus) and their functions, internal structure not required.

1) Introduction

2) Nervous System: Functions and terms commonly used

3) Divisions of nervous system:

  • a) Central Nervous System (CNS)
  • b) Peripheral nervous system
  • c) Autonomic Nervous System

4) The Brain:

  • a) Position, protection and meninges
  • b) Structure of brain:
  1. Fore brain or Proscencephalon
  2. Mid brain or Mescencephalon
  3. Hind brain or Rhombencephalon

5) The Spinal Cord

6) Peripheral Nervous System: a) Cranial and b) Spinal nerves

7) Autonomic Nervous System: a) Sympathetic b) Parasympathetic

8) Reflex Action:

  • a) Mechanism of unconditioned Reflex action
  • b) Conditioned Reflexes
  • c) Significance of reflexes

9) Experiments

10) Key Points to remember: (Summary)

11) Key terms

12) BTT(Beyond the text): Extra Info.

13) Assignments:

  • 1) Objective type(1 mark each)
  • 2) Answer in one or two sentences (1 mark each)
  • 3) Give reasons (2 marks each)
  • 4) Short notes (2/3 marks each)
  • 5) Answer in detail (4/5 marks each)
  • 6) Board questions
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