Chapter 8 Mahatma Gandhi And The National Movement

Scope of Syllabus: Mahatma Gandhi - his methods and direction given by him to the national movement - the Khilafat and Non-Cooperation movement; the Civil Disobedience movement; till 1934

1) Early satyagrahas in India

2) Gandhiji's methods and directions

3) Khilafat movement

4) Circumstances that led to Non-Cooperation movement

5) The Non-Cooperation Movement : programme, activities, reaction of Indians and British, withdrawal

6) Impact of the movement

7) Factors leading upto Civil-Disobedience Movement: Formation of Swaraj Party, Simon Commission, Nehru Report

8) Civil Disobedience Movement: Dandi March, programme, repression by British Govt, Round table Conferences

9) Importance of Civil-Disobedience Movement

10) Q&A

11) FAQ


  • I)Multiple Choice Questions
  • II) Whats the Good Question?
  • III) Name the following.


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