Chapter 5 Transpiration

Scope of syllabus: Loss of water in the form of water vapour from the aerial parts of the plant. Mechanism of stomatal transpiration. Adaptations in plants to reduce transpiration. A brief idea of guttation and bleeding.

1) Introduction

2) The process of transpiration:

  • Differences between transpiration and evaporation(table)

3) Types of transpiration

4) Stomatal Apparatus: Mechanism of opening and closing of stomata

5) Mechanism of stomatal transpiration

6) Factors which affect transpiration:

  • a) Internal factors
  • b) External factors

7) Adaptations in plants to reduce transpiration

8) Significance of transpiration:

  • a) Advantages of transpiration
  • b) Disadvantage of transpiration

9) Anti-transpirants

10) Exudation of water or guttation

11) Experiments

12) Key Points to remember: (Summary)

13) Key terms

14) BTT(Beyond the text): Extra Info.

15) Assignments:

  • 1) Objective type(1 mark each)
  • 2) Answer in one or two sentences (1 mark each)
  • 3) Give reasons (2 marks each)
  • 4) Short notes (2/3 marks each)
  • 5) Answer in detail (4/5 marks each)
  • 6) Board questions
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