Chapter 11 The Endocrine System

Scope of syllabus: Correct location and shape of the gland in the human body and the hormones they secrete (Pancreas-insulin, glucagon; thyroid-thyroxin). Effects of hypo-secretion and hyper-secretion of hormones, tropic hormones, feedback mechanism (brief idea).

1) Introduction: Differences between nervous and endocrine control; and nervous and endocrine glands.

2) Chemical nature of hormones

3) Characteristics of hormones: Differences between hormones and enzymes.

4) Endocrine glands in man

5) Pituitary gland (location and structure): a) Effects of hyper-secretion of pituitary b) Effects of hypo-secretion of pituitary

6) Thyroid Gland (location and structure): a) Hormones of thyroid gland and their functions b) Effects of hypo-secretion of thyroxine c) Effects of hyper-secretion of thyroxine

7) Parathyroid Gland: a) Effects of hypo-secretion b) Effects of hyper-secretion

8) Adrenal Glands (Location and structure): a) Hormones of adrenal cortex b) Hormones of adrenal medulla c) Effects of hypo-secretion of adrenal hormones d) effects of hyper-secretion of adrenal hormones.

9) Pancreas (location and structure): a) Effect of hypo-secretion of insulin b) Effect of over-secretion of insulin

10) Gonads: a) Ovary b) Testes c) Disorders

11) Placenta

12) Thymus

13) Hormones from stomach and intestine

14) Other endocrine glands

15) Experiments

16) Key Points to remember: (Summary)

17) Key terms

18) BTT(Beyond the text): Extra Info.

19) Assignments:

  • 1) Objective type(1 mark each)
  • 2) Answer in one or two sentences (1 mark each)
  • 3) Give reasons (2 marks each)
  • 4) Short notes (2/3 marks each)
  • 5) Answer in detail (4/5 marks each)
  • 6) Board questions
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