Chapter 10 The Reproductive System

Scope of syllabus: Functions of organs and accessory glands, an idea of secondary sexual characters, structure and functions of the various parts of the sperm, egg implantation, foetal and gestation.

1) Introduction

2) Modes of reproduction: a) Asexual and b) Sexual

3) Reproduction in humans

4) Male reproductive system: a) Testes b) Genital Ducts c)Accessory glands d) supporting organs

5) Female Reproductive System: a) Ovaries b) Oviducts (fallopian tubes) c) Uterus or womb d) Vagina e) Vulva f) Accessory glands

6) Puberty in the female

7) Menstrual Cycle

8) Fertilization

9) Implantation and pregnancy

10) Placenta: a) Functions

11) Extra embryonic or foetal membranes

12) Gestation period and parturition

13) Artificial Insemination

14) Test-tube babies

15) Difference between asexual and sexual reproduction(table)

16) Experiments

17) Key Points to remember: (Summary)

18) Key terms

19) BTT(Beyond the text): Extra Info.

20) Assignments:

  • 1) Objective type(1 mark each)
  • 2) Answer in one or two sentences (1 mark each)
  • 3) Give reasons (2 marks each)
  • 4) Short notes (2/3 marks each)
  • 5) Answer in detail (4/5 marks each)
  • 6) Board questions
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